Merchant Acquiring

Offering the platform to merchants through our network of referring gateway and merchant acquirer partners.

Merchant Acquiring Requirements

3 New Needs + Opportunities


Businesses Want Expert Partners


Requires Secure Portal Social hacking + increasing email security concerns


Need or will need an integration with payments

Merchant Acquiring Requirements

3 New Needs + Opportunities

We operate a platform that considers the Merchants and Payment Aggregators ability to meet the changing needs of the e-commerce marketplace.

Speed, clear documentation and security help merchants close more deals.

How we simplify


Speed of merchant application decision:

Allowing our merchants and partners to focus on what they do best.

Turnkey operations supporting ccustomized PSP’s / Third-party Payment Facilitators and ISO’s / comprehensive and streamlined merchant on boarding, due diligence and support models:

Addressing the specific need of each partner business.

Simplified partner and merchant reporting:

Enhanced partner reporting tools to provide a single line of sight for eCommerce / POS & integrated solution transaction reporting.

Business orientated account managers who understand your needs:

Dedicated account managers to assist targeting of verticals and advising on key product solutions, from fraud and chargeback management to new payment types.

The Acquirer Partner Network

Results in strong merchant acquisition.

Providing the flexibility to support gateway services, acquiring services or both.